Notice of Doing Registration for All2019-08-20


  Notice of Doing Registration for All


Dear Student

  This is to notify you all , the autumn semester 2017 officially commenced on August 27th, 2017. The registration for the new semester for all studentsincluding undergraduates, postgraduates, advanced students in Chineseis scheduled during the office hours of 8:40pm-4:30pm on August 28th-29th, 2017(Monday to Wednesdayat the office #18109 in the dormitory, ground floor.   

  Bring your passport with you. Students who are living outside should also bring your renting house contract and police report. Please fill it before you come to the office.   

  Please note that for anyone failing to register for the new semester within the aforementioned time:

  1. Those who still do registration before August 29th, 2017 (Wednesday) SHALL be served a warning.

  Also note that a total of '3' warnings throughout the student's stay at Shenyang City University will result in the student concerned being expelled from the school and his visa cancelled.

  Please, refer to the Student Handbook regarding the other WARNING criteria.

  2. Those failing to register by 29th August, 2017(Wednesday) SHALL be reported to the PSB for cancellation of the visas of the respective students.

  3. Those who are doing their internship outside school can send E-mail to i to explain in detail. And do registration later at the exact time according to teacher’s reply.   

  Make sure to visit the office during the allotted time slots only.


  The office of Students' affairs

  Shenyang City University.

  27th August, 2017