International School Actively Participated in the 2017 Sports Carnival2019-08-20

Teachers and Students in the International School Actively Participated in the 2017 Sports Carnival

  The 2017 Sports Carnival of Shenyang City University was officially held on the playground on September 22nd. In the sports meeting, the international school attended the opening parade world attended the opening parade and this semester accounted for 44% of the total number of students in this semester. The international school's team has participated in many competitions and performed well in the games.

  At the opening ceremony, under the leadership of all the teachers, the review procession consisted of 32 international students who dressed in colorful national costumes, held their national flag and Chinese flag and entered the hall. They smiled and waved enthusiastically to the audience and the atmosphere was very warm. When the phalanx went to the podium, all the students shouted slogans in chorus, "We are the best one! I can I do!" This showed that international students are confident. Although they are from different countries but with the same beliefs. After the opening ceremony, the fierce match started immediately.

  A total of 5 athletes from the international school participated in the competition of the 3 sports events at the games. After fierce competition with other athletes, Winner won the men's 100 meters team second, but he missed the final because the injury; Mike and Daniel won a lot of applause from the audience when they performed well in the swimming competition. At the same time, the faculty of the international school also showed their style in the competition.

Our school insists on encouraging international students to actively participate in the school sports series and the various events at the university, and to enhance the understanding between Chinese students and international students, enhance students' collective spirit, inspire their fighting spirit, sense of competition. Our school want to make them good health, good quality and positive attitude in learning and growth. We wish they will finally achieve their dreams.